How to Learn Salesforce?

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When new employee starts working at your company, it is important that they learn all they can about Salesforce. One of the best ways to learn about Salesforce is to sign up for a training course. These courses are often costly, but the prices are far less than you would pay for public courses. Additionally, if you purchase a training course, you will be eligible for discounts.


Trailhead is the official learning tool for Salesforce. It offers a wide variety of courses to suit every level of Salesforce users. You can find learning content in all aspects of the product, from creating custom objects to managing users. Trailhead also filters courses by role, level, and Salesforce product. You can learn everything you need to know in one place, with no additional investment or commitment. Trailhead is designed to be fun, engaging, and easy to use for both newbies and experienced Salesforce users. The online tutorials, courses, and assessments help you build your skills and knowledge base. The site offers training materials in bite-size chunks and allows you to earn badges and certificates for completing lessons. You can also learn about new Salesforce features and updates from the Trailhead community. 


Launchpad is a new feature of Salesforce that lets users create shortcuts to frequently visited pages and tabs. It is available from the Home page of the Salesforce application, or it can be added to any Lightning page or web component. Users can also add external websites and tabbed items to Launchpad. Launchpad is a flexible component that gives new and aspiring tech workers the necessary foundations to launch a successful career. Its best use case is for mobile users. It lets users create navigation items on their mobile home page and display the first six items they choose. It also gives them the opportunity to add more items to the home screen. Launchpad also offers free courses covering all aspects of DevOps. These courses have been written by experts in the field. They can help you develop customer-facing mobile apps and customer-facing websites. 


If you’re a new user and don’t know how to get started, there’s an easy way to create a trail mix. To create a trail mix, you first choose the content you want to include. You can choose content from multiple trails. Just be sure to consider the amount of time you’re planning to spend completing the trail mix. Trailhead is a great free resource for learning the basics of Salesforce. You can easily find nugget-sized learning materials on the site. Trailhead also offers curated collections of modules, projects, and Trails. Many of these are made to demonstrate new releases of Salesforce. For example, if you want to learn more about the Winter ’18 release, you can check out the Reindeer Trailmix. This trail is 23 hours long and includes a wide variety of training. 

Trailblazer community: 

The Salesforce Trailblazer community is an open community that helps people become more familiar with the Salesforce platform. Trailblazers are volunteers who help others and spread the brand awareness of Salesforce. They are sent to different companies around the world to assist them. Thousands of Trailblazers are involved in the community. The Trailblazer community offers thought-leading content and connections with people in the Salesforce community. It also provides people with inspiration and career advice for their next step. Joining the community is free. You can also search for job opportunities and post questions. There are also many resources for students and new job seekers in Trailblazer Connect. Michelle Blair is the community manager for the Salesforce Trailblazer community. A mom, a prenatal yoga instructor, and a self-proclaimed plant lady, she is passionate about helping people use the Salesforce platform. She also has a passion for empowering Salesforce Architects. Her goal is to make training accessible to all. 


If you are thinking about learning Salesforce, but don’t know where to start, there are plenty of resources available on Udemy. You can check out Gemma Blezard’s course to get an introduction to the Salesforce platform. She’s a technical Architect and Salesforce MVP who has contributed to the community through various educational resources. Her courses are free and open to the public, and she’s also made it possible for people who have lost their jobs to get free online training. Gemma’s courses are available three times a week, and she assigns homework, so you’ll really learn the fundamentals. There are a variety of free Salesforce courses available on Udemy, as well as paid ones. Most courses provide comprehensive training, practice exams, and an extensive library of downloadable resources. Those interested in getting a Salesforce certification can purchase a Salesforce course from Udemy to prepare for the exam. However, it’s important to know that most of these courses are designed for experienced students with extensive Salesforce experience.

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