Content Policy


Please review the following standards and rules before posting:

– Illegal substances, adult material, gambling, or other mature content.

– Spam, fraudulent offers, free money, nulled scripts, duplicate site URLs, or content.

– Content protected by intellectual property rights, such as images, videos, and other media.

– A content title consisting of fewer than 30 characters, more than 100 characters, or garbage data.

– Less than 250 characters, greater than 2000 characters, or irrelevant information in the content description.

– More than 50 characters in the content tag or the data will be discarded.

– Unauthorized, repetitive, excessively uploaded, non-English, or untargeted content.

– Tricks viewers into believing they will see something, but instead leads them somewhere else.

– Content that provides links to or promotes third-party websites or services that track page views or subscription activity.

– Posting many identical, irrelevant, or repetitive comments.

– Information intended to deceive participants over the amount of time, money, or other requirements they must meet to participate in a census.

– Using a post’s title, thumbnail, description, or tags to mislead viewers into believing content is something it is not.

– Technically edited or altered content (other than out-of-context clips) that could cause grave harm to consumers.

– Content encouraging “get rich quick” scams, pyramid schemes, or financial giveaways are not allowed (sending money without a tangible product in a pyramid structure).

– This website uses the promise of rapid money to lure clicks, views, or visits.

– Directs viewers to websites that are harmful, that attempt to acquire personal information, or that have other negative impacts.

– Information intended to mislead voters regarding the date, place, manner, or requirements for voting.

– Information that exaggerates the formal qualifications of present elected officials and political candidates seeking office. In accordance with the applicable national law, age, citizenship, and vital status are among the eligibility requirements that are considered.

– Links to or encourages usage of external services that artificially inflate metrics such as views, likes, and subscribers.

– Content that advertises on our website by purchasing page views, likes, comments, or other engagement metrics. This also includes content whose main objective is to gain views, subscribers, or other metrics (such as “Sub4Sub” content, which offers to subscribe to another creator’s channel in exchange for the viewer subscribing to yours).

– Comments with the explicit goal of acquiring personal information from users, misleading users into leaving our website, or acting in any of the above-listed prohibited activities.

– Live streams that are intended to stream content that belongs to a third party but has not been fixed despite repeated warnings of potential abuse. The channel owner should actively monitor live streaming and swiftly address any potential issues.

This policy applies to all website content, including posts, usernames, meta, tags, and comments. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.

Consequences of Policy Violations:

– Account and user information will be destroyed if any of the preceding rules are violated.

-The review board may be asked to consider a complaint involving a violation of this policy as a potential breach of the organization’s code of ethics.

– If you believe you did not expressly agree to receive the confirmation email we sent to your inbox, or if you believe this website sent you an unsolicited email, please contact us so that we can make the necessary adjustments.

– Violating any policy may result in legal action against you and the prompt cancellation of your account.

– If you continue to believe that your content was inadvertently removed or is not visible, please email us with your username, post title, description, and tags so that we may investigate the issue and make the necessary repairs.